Our professional studio launched since the establishment of the company in 1999, as the first recording studio locally. Since that time, Mashareq sound production studios has been the successful talents portal such as Mohammed Assaf, Nader Hammoda and more. Combining the most recent and professional industry-standard equipment with team of the most creative talented musicians, writers, composers and performers, Mashareq produced a huge number of unforgettable sound productions for our clients. 

Our team will work with you in the most passionate way to make you see throw your ears, how you really can be expressed. 

Radio Spots Production

Create compelling and effective radio advertisements with our Radio Spots Production services. Our team of scriptwriters, voice artists, and sound engineers will collaborate to produce attention-grabbing radio spots that deliver your message with impact. Whether you need a short promotional spot or a longer narrative-driven advertisement, we'll craft a radio spot that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Audio Branding

Create a unique and memorable sonic identity for your brand with our Audio Branding services. Our team will work closely with you to understand your brand values, target audience, and marketing objectives. We then craft custom audio logos, jingles, and soundscapes that align perfectly with your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Voice-Over Services

Need a captivating and persuasive voice for your commercials, animations, e-learning courses, or audiobooks? Our Voice-Over Services have got you covered. We have a diverse pool of talented voice artists who can deliver in various accents and styles, ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively to your target audience.

Audio Post-Production

Our audio post-production service ensures that your audio content sounds flawless and professional. Whether it's a film, documentary, TV show, or any other video project, we provide top-notch sound editing, sound design, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), Foley, and sound mixing. Our skilled sound engineers work diligently to enhance the overall audio quality, making sure that every sound element complements the visuals seamlessly.

Music Production

Our Music Production service caters to artists, content creators, and businesses looking for original music compositions or licensed tracks. Whether you need background music for your video, a catchy jingle, a full music composition, or an emotionally charged movie soundtrack, our talented composers and musicians will create the perfect melody that resonates with your audience.

Movie Soundtracks

Enhance the emotional impact of your films with our custom Movie Soundtracks. Our talented composers understand the power of music in storytelling and will create original compositions that complement the visuals and evoke the desired emotions. From intense action sequences to heartwarming moments, our movie soundtracks will elevate the cinematic experience for your audience.

Podcast Production

Podcasts are an excellent way to engage your audience and share valuable content. Our Podcast Production service covers everything from recording and editing to adding background music, sound effects, and final mixing. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting, we'll ensure your podcast stands out with exceptional audio quality.

Sound Effects Library

Access our extensive collection of high-quality sound effects to elevate your audio and video productions. From everyday sounds to futuristic and magical effects, our sound library has it all. Browse through our vast selection to find the perfect sounds for your project.

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